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Wastewater Project

Last updated March 9, 2021 

The RM of Stanley plans to invest in a new regional wastewater project to support continued growth and provide more capacity for current residents. Here’s a brief overview of what is planned and how the community would benefit.

Where the system would operate 

The main regional project would include a new wastewater treatment facility north of Winkler and the systems to move wastewater to the plant, as well as expanded capacity for solid septage.

The RM of Stanley and City of Winkler have applied for funding through the federal-provincial Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, which could cover up to 73% of project costs. The project will not proceed without this funding. 

If the main project moves forward, there will be a separate proposal and consultation for a possible extension of the system to Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld. You can read more here.

Why the system is needed

Stanley is an attractive location for new residential and commercial developments. This growth strengthens our municipal tax base – and turn, makes it possible for local services to keep improving and becoming more efficient. 

However, our region needs additional waste management solutions so new developments can continue to locate and grow here, particularly in light of increasing provincial restrictions on septic fields. 

This project would help in three ways: 

  • An answer to our shortage of solid sewage capacity: The project would include a septic truck receiving station. This would divert sewage from Stanley’s current septage lagoon, which is nearing capacity.  
  • An immediate solution for new developments: Under provincial regulations, traditional septic fields can be installed for new developments only if the size of each property is two acres or more. Many new developments are based on efficient use of land with lots under 2 acres in size – therefore, new properties require an efficient and affordable alternative to septic field systems.
  • A long-term solution for existing residents: As government regulations continue to increase, many existing communities cannot rely on onsite septic fields as a permanent solution. Provincial regulations don’t allow a straightforward replacement of traditional septic fields on lots under one acre. This means most homes will need an alternative waste management solution in time. 

Next steps

With federal/provincial funding approvals expected soon, Stanley and Winkler are securing financing for their remaining share of project costs. A public hearing on borrowing will take place on April 1. 

This hearing will deal only with borrowing for the main wastewater project, which would include expansion of the Winkler facility, purchase of capacity at the treatment plant and systems to move wastewater to the facility. The hearing will not deal with possible extension of infrastructure to serve existing villages within the RM of Stanley.

If you have questions

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