Stanley Public Works Department

The Public Works department is responsible for the delivery of a number of services:

  • Snow Clearing
    Snow clearing is performed with plows mounted onto the graders as well as a tractor equipped with a blade and snow blower. Ridging is performed on properties adjacent to roadways to prevent snow from drifting over roadways.
    Stanley's machine operators are skilled and trained in the safe operation of the machines that they operate.
    Machines are equipped with the latest in safety equipment and the patience and understanding of the public is appreciated when approaching or passing a municipal machine.
  • Drainage/Culverts
    The municipality operates a comprehensive drainage program to ensure the effective and efficient use of existing drains.
  • Spring Cleanouts
    Effort is made each year by the municipality to clean snow out of ditches/drains where required.
  • Drainage Requests
    The municipality performs a number of drainage projects each year which vary in scope from minor drain cleanouts to major drainage projects.
    For drainage requests, contact the Public Works department.
  • Culvert Installations
    The municipality performs culvert installations upon request.
    Fees apply and all culverts installed in Stanley must be purchased from Stanley.
    Invoices will be sent out when applicable.
  • Surveying
    A municipal surveyor develops comprehensive drainage plans/profiles uses GIS/GPS systems.
  • Dust Control
    The Municipality operates a dust control program each year.
    If you are interested in receiving dust control products contact the Public Works department.
  • Road Maintenance
    The Public Works department is responsible for road maintenance throughout all municipal roads in Stanley. Road grading and gravel application are performed as required. Volume of traffic, type of traffic, weather & soil conditions/sub-grade are only a few of the factors which determine the conditions of a road. If you have questions or concerns in regards to the condition of a particular road please contact the Public Works department.
    For rural road safety information during harvest season, click here.
  • Mowing/Weed Control
    The municipality operates a mowing/weed control program which is delivered through the Public Works department. A bio-control weed program is performed through the the Stanley Soils Management Association.
  • Projects
    Each year, the municipality undertakes a number of drainage and road projects. These projects may see the construction of new roads & drainage ditches or re-development of existing facilities. Some projects may be contracted out through private contractors depending on the requirement for specialized equipment. (sidewalks, pavement..etc)
  • Stanley Lagoon
    The RM of Stanley owns and operates a 2-cell lagoon located in NW 11-2-5. This lagoon is built to accept solids that are pumped out of septic tanks. The lagoon site is off-limits to the public and is continually monitored by both Municipal staff and MB Conservation.
    For more information on the Stanley Lagoon contact the municipal administration office.
  • Line Locates
    For all line locates including water line locates, please contact Click Before You Dig at 1-800-940-3447 or visit their website at