MASC (Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation)

Crop insurance is now a mainstay of farm risk management.  MASC insurance offers a full compliment of targeted insurance programs for most crops, including some specialty crops grown in Manitoba.  The below link will provide more MASC Insurance information.

MASC Insurance

MASC is committed to the future of rural Manitoba, servicing the financing needs of Manitoba's rural and agricultural producers. MASC Lending programs address the needs of rural Manitoba farms, with attractive interest rates, feature-packed loans, and guarantees that provide access to reasonable credit.  The below link will provide more MASC Lending information.

MASC Lending

In addition to its core insurance and lending programs, MASC also administers an assortment of other programs targeted at Manitoba's agricultural producers and rural communities on behalf of the Manitoba Government. 

A popular program offered is the Farmland School Tax Rebate.  This was implemented in 2004 to support the rural economy by providing farmland owners with school tax relief.  Landowners are required to submit an annual application to MASC. Once you are registered with MASC and receive a rebate, a pre-printed application form for the following year will be mailed to you when they become available.  The link below will provide additional programs offered by MASC.

MASC Programs

For more information on MASC, please contact them at 1-833-206-0479 or visit their website.