Conditional Use

What is a conditional use order?
A zoning by-law will identify, within a specific zoning category, whether the use of land or a building is permitted or conditional.

A conditional use is one that is generally consistent with other uses in the zone and which may be allowed under certain circumstances at a municipality’s discretion.
Identifying conditional uses in a zoning by-law allows for site specific factors to be considered in approving a development.

What is the process in applying for a conditional use order?

  • Contact the RM Office to make application
  • Pay applicable fee to the RM
  • Public notification will be sent out, with a hearing date scheduled.
  • Public Hearing
  • RM Council either denies, approves or approves with conditions.
  • Under The Planning Act, council makes a decision on a conditional use application and it is final.

Application for Conditional Use