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Wastewater Project

Potential Reinfeld – Schanzenfeld Wastewater Project 

Last updated January 27, 2021  

The RM of Stanley is considering a potential wastewater system project for Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld. The proposal would potentially see new sewer lines installed throughout these communities, providing the opportunity to replace each property’s onsite septic field.  

We want to extend our sincere appreciation for the feedback you’ve shared to date. The survey we conducted in the fall of 2019 has provided Council with valuable insights into property owners’ needs and concerns, making it possible to develop a more detailed project proposal focused on your priorities. 

Current Status of the Project

Community consultation will continue later this year, when we have more information about possible sources of funding and other details.

Based on the feedback from the 2019 community survey, we’ve developed a project proposal addressing the community’s concerns about cost and timing. We’ve had many discussions with the Manitoba Water Services Board, government officials and engineers about the best options and approaches.

If the project moves forward, one of our priorities is to provide property owners with far more flexibility as to when hook-up to the system would be required.  We continue to work with the provincial government on allowing more flexibility for when a household would need to connect to the wastewater system. 

We're also discussing the possibility of grant funding from the federal and provincial governments that could cover 73% of the total cost of a potential sewer project.  Without the funding in place, the project will not proceed. 

This website will continue to be updated as our discussions move forward. 

Questions? FAQ are found here, and you can contact the RM at 204-325-4101 or email