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October 21, 2019 Update CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

October 2, 2019 Update:

The community survey link regarding the possibility of a sewer project in the RM of Stanley is now closed.


Over 300 responses were received over the past month. On behalf of the RM, please accept our thanks to everyone who has taken time to complete the survey.

Please know that no final decisions have been made regarding this project. The survey was an important first step in our consultation process, and this important community discussion will continue before any decisions are made. 

Next steps:

1.   Over the next month the RM will carefully review feedback received from residents through the survey.

2.   A summary of survey results will be posted to our website for full transparency so all residents can see how our community responded.

3.   Upcoming opportunities for further consultation, and how the RM will address feedback received to-date will be outlined.

As we continue to explore the viability of this project, your feedback remains an essential part of the process.

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If you have questions or would like to provide additional feedback, you can contact the RM at any time, either by email at info@rmofstanley.ca or by phone at 204-325-4101.


Your views are very important to us. The RM of Stanley genuinely appreciates your input, questions and understanding



Current Status of the Project–  The RM of Stanley is awaiting a response from both the federal and provincial governments regarding the grant application submission. Without the funding in place, the project will not move forward.

Questions? FAQ are found here, and you can contact the RM at 204-325-4101 or email info@rmofstanley.ca.